There are so many myths about working with a Personal Stylist. I would like to point out some common beliefs women have around what a stylist does and who it is for. Hopefully it will clear some of the misconceptions that seem to exist and make it easier for you to decide to work on your style and image with a professional personal stylist.

This is what I hear sometimes:

  1. I have to loose weight before I can work with you.
    This is probably the number 1 myth I hear the most. Well, let me tell you, you don’t. We work with who you are and make you look fabulous regardless size or shape. Style is not only for the slender person, style is for everyone. By putting that pressure on yourself while you want to work on your style and wardrobe, you keep yourself from doing that. If you think you can achieve that (loosing weight) and want to wait for that, all good, but what if you don’t? My advise is not to dress for the future but for what works now and start feeling and looking good at this present moment.
  2. I have to spend a lot of money when I go shopping with you. Again, no you don’t. Building a desirable wardrobe can be done in stages. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe all at once. It can be a gradual process of adding new pieces to it and removing others that don’t work anymore. We work with your budget and you only buy pieces that you love and will wear. This will save you money in the long run.
  3. Are you going to throw out everything from my wardrobe? For some it may feel intimidating when I come to their house and review their wardrobe. They are worried I will throw everything out, even if they still like it and want to hold on to it. While I give my advise to you and will have suggestions on what works for you and what not, the final decision to get rid of something is yours. I am not there to judge you, I am there to help you become the best version of your self. I often find there is a huge weight lifted of my clients shoulders when we’re finished. They feel liberated and clear on their new style goals. It’s a cleansing and clarifying process that will leave you feeling inspired.
  4. Your services are only for the rich and famous. So many people think that working with a stylist is only for celebrities or models. That only they can and want to look good. Not true. I work with women from all backgrounds to help them understand their own unique personal style and how to express that. Style and image are very important to get right, it is your way of communicating to the world around you. And why wouldn’t everyone like to feel good about themselves and look fabulous every day.

These are the main misunderstandings women have around working with a stylist. A Personal Stylist can help you with all your styling needs, whether that is building a new wardrobe that is easy to get dressed from, help you shop efficiently, discover your own unique personal style and help you highlight your assets and dress for you body shape.

Keep stylish, Mieke xx

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