As founder of Smart Styling, I have consulted and styled hundreds of women from different backgrounds, with diverse style needs and lifestyles.  Body shape and budget present no barrier to being a woman of style.  I know how a great outfit can make a woman feel fantastic and believe every woman can and deserves to feel that good every day.  My clients also know it.

Here’s what they have to say about my services:

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After considering a personal stylist for a while, I finally did it. With many years of neglect
my wardrobe certainly needed a makeover. I found this process very cleansing.
Shopping with Mieke was so much fun! She made me feel very comfortable and gave me plenty
of ideas to embrace my personal style for my body shape.
I can’t thank Mieke enough for all her help to make me feel great and look good.
I’m looking forward to wearing my new outfits.

Virginia Justice

Thanks Mieke, I am so grateful for all your help in choosing a perfect Summer wardrobe for me. The whole shopping experience was stress free and so much more enjoyable. Clothes were already picked out for me so didn’t need to go looking through racks. Learned a lot about my body shape and what I should be looking out for. And I’m loving the leopard print dress you picked out for me too.
One very happy customer.

Maria Ferrara

Anyone looking for a helping hand with
a wardrobe update, look no further
than this AMAZING service!
I felt so at ease with Mieke and can’t wait
to get the essentials items that I need for my wardrobe.
Just what I needed for a long time.
Affordable, efficient and professional!

Sandra Heelan

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WOW, what a cathartic experience.  It was like saying goodbye to my self of 20 years ago
– all the stuff I had hung on to that was ‘too good’ to throw out but did not suit me anymore.
It was exciting to see the new me emerge with my new organised and enriched wardrobe .
Thanks Mieke, you’re the best.

Sarah Leffers

If you think hiring a personal stylist is for the rich and famous, think again!
Mieke, you made my day such a wonderful experience.  I usually hate shopping and have no idea what I’m doing.
Your pre-shop captured my personality from the first go.  I’m amazed and thrilled and I don’t need to shop for another 6 months.
You found everything I needed, stayed within budget and boosted my confidence.
Your service is outstanding!  Thanks so much Mieke

Lynne Rivero

Thanks so much Mieke, my wardrobe has so much room now.  I can find what to wear in a minute.  Whereas before it was very frustrating going through my wardrobe because it was cluttered with clothes that I never wore.
Also your advice and suggestions on creating outfits with the clothes I have was very helpful.
Thanks again for all of this.

Rhonda Currie

Have just had an amazing day shopping for a new wardrobe. After a clean out of existing clothes (nearly all gone) now know about my colours and style thank you so much Mieke Krijgsman I feel a million dollars you are fabulous.

Jodie Knox

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The famous quote when the student is ready the teacher appears’ was indeed the case when I spied Mieke from a distance at a recent function. Not knowing her or her background, I was magnetically drawn to her outstanding style.  Through the ensuing conversation I discovered Mieke’s secret – she simply walks the talk!

Three days later I attended Smartstyling’s very first workshop where I discovered my style to be ‘creative’.  I consequently signed up for the package offering a wardrobe edit followed by a subsequent shopping excursion to fill in the missing items.

With a very conservative background I had always been a square peg in a round hole but in retrospect there were some ‘statement’ pieces hidden in my wardrobe that echoed my latent style.  It was bulging at the seams but I seemed to have ‘nothing to wear’.  My system was to have one complete outfit per coat hanger with no thought of inter matching or co ordination. In several hours there emerged space, order and a less is more approach to my future buying as the poor inherited the multitude of my cast offs.

The shopping trip followed and in two hours of intense decision making and guidance I emerged with a collection of clothes I actually felt good in and liked!  I was being given permission to be the real me!  Previously I had always shopped by the price tag, favouring dark coloured garments that successfully hid my lumps and bumps. Now I can go to Pandora’s box and choose an outfit that echoes my mood, suitability, and also allows me to feel the best I can be anywhere and at any time.  It is just a pity that it has taken 70 years to do so!  There again age is no barrier to feeling and looking your best.

Thank you Mieke for giving me such a life changing experience coupled with the tools to assist in any future decisions.  The outlay of this personalized service will be recompensed time and again due to the lack of excessive purchasing and future errors of judgment.

Kerin Mosiere

OMG Mieke, I feel soooo refreshed.
My wardrobe is finally neat and tidy.
I know what goes with what and
most importantly can find stuff.
It is amazing what a good clean up/revamp can do.
Thanks Mieke.  I feel so much more organised.

Kellee Ireland

General Manager, Spatial Industries Business Association

Thanks for a great Friday Mieke!

Loving all the new things I bought and it was so great to have a fresh pair
of eyes to try on new things.

Kate Johnson

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When you’re time poor (and who isn’t), it’s great to have someone like Mieke, who can do a wardrobe edit, and sort out what should stay and what should go.  She is then able to sort out the gaps in your wardrobe, and have a selection of garments, at different retail outlets, waiting for you to try on during your wonderful shopping trip.  Mieke is very thorough in understanding your style, body shape, and your budget.  It was a wonderful experience and great investment as it helps you avoid those costly “impulse” purchases which end up at the Salvos, still with the price tag on, never been worn.  Thank you again Mieke, for a wonderful experience.

Sonya Turkovic


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