Do you find it hard to use accessories? Don’t know which ones to use and leave them out altogether? 
These are common issues I see as a Personal Stylist when I help my clients with their personal styling. Accessories can make or break an outfit. By using accessories we can personalise our outfit and create the look we want. They finish an outfit and can take it from drab to fab and are therefor a very important part of your outfit.
They can also extend your wardrobe and get more wear of your outfits you have in your wardrobe. It’s less expensive to buy a new accessory to update a last season’s dress or suit with a new handbag or a new on-trend necklace.

What is your favourite piece of accessory? Handbags? Shoes? Jewellery? Some women love to create interest with shoes and they can become a focal point in your outfit. There is nothing better then vamping up an office dress with some striking shoes, whether it be the shape, the colour or material. If jewellery is what you like to use then invest in that to create different looks. The key is here to choose what you love wearing and working with in your outfit.

For accessories to work really well they need to create harmony in your out fit and by that I mean they should compliment it and each other. Contrast is fine, clash is not.
If you wear a busy printed dress, you don’t want to wear busy or over the top accessories. It would look overdone, inappropriate so go for more neutral accessories to make the dress the hero piece and the accessories are complimenting that.

Look at body scale when wearing your pieces of accessory. When you have a petite frame, oversized accessories make you look even smaller then you are. The same goes for the other way around, by wearing small scale accessories on a larger body frame makes the person look bigger then they really are. Again, we are trying to create balance and harmony with the way you look and this is another tool to keep in mind when choosing your accessories.

Focal points are important to draw the attention to certain areas and make other areas of concern less visible. When you want to take away attention of your mid section, go for bold, striking or unusual shoes or wear statement pieces around your face to let they eyes stay upwards. When you want the eyes to stay front and centre you can wear cocktail rings and bracelets. Where and how you wear your handbag is important too. If for example you are conscious of your wider hips, don’t let your handbag end there as it will draw attention to exactly there.
Every piece of accessory will do a different job in creating a focal point for the eyes to be drawn to so choose to place them well in your outfit.

Build your collection carefully and collect pieces overtime. Only buy it if you really love it and it matches your style.
Don’t wear too many accessories at once, you don’t want to look inappropriate but instead stylish. If you choose to wear statement earrings then don’t add a statement necklaces, a scarf and lots of bracelets and rings.
There are even more accessories you can use like, eyewear and sunglasses, hosiery, hats, hairpieces and scarves to create the style you want. Just use the same principles as mentioned above and you will look polished and put together.

If you have any questions about accessorising, feel free to contact me and I’m happy to help you out. Email or phone 0402 824846.

Keep Stylish, Mieke xx



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