7 Questions to ask when cleansing your wardrobe

Does cleansing your wardrobe stress you out? Want to run away and never come back? I know, it can be daunting task for some. But it does need your attention once in a while just like your kitchen pantry, your home office or shed. I know what I rather do. My wardrobe. When I give it the time and love that it needs, I know it will work for me and make me feel great. It holds a great part of me, I express myself through my clothes. So therefore I’d like it to be in order, easy to get dressed from and feel inspired every time I dress for work, leisure or a special occasion.

But how do you get there? How do you do this? It’s easy for me to say, it’s my job and I help women to achieve this and boy when it’s done we feel so much better. I love it when my clients see the results and start dressing themselves better and feel confident withe the way they look. Ready to tackle the day whatever it brings.

In this blog I want to give you some insight to how you can do this yourself if you want to make a start. Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself (and your wardrobe) to get it cleansed and working for you.

  1. Does this fit? Now this is really important. What is the use of it being in your wardrobe if it doesn’t fit you? You need to part with it and be honest with yourself. We all think that we can loose weight to fit in it again, I hear it all the time. But the reality is that 9 out of 10 times this doesn’t happen. So. Just. Chuck. It.
  2. Have I worn this in the last 12 months? This is another one I ask my clients and so many times I hear “no, I haven’t worn this in ages”. This says something about the garment. You either don’t love it anymore, which is a great reason not to wear it, or maybe don’t have the occasion for it to wear., meaning it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Except for those formal dresses that get worn only so often and we need to keep them in our wardrobe for that special occasion, if you haven’t worn it for so long, chances are you won’t wear it again. Chuck it.
  3. If I was shopping right now, would I buy this? Would you? If you’re an impulse buyer, you have probably bought this in a thought of “love this, I’ll buy it”, only to come home and see that it doesn’t go with anything you already have and sits there waiting to be worn. Or you weren’t sure when you bought it and now actually don’t like it at all. I say one word: charity.
  4. Is this current and does it reflect my style? If it isn’t current it could out-date you and you don’t want that. You don’t have to wear the latest trends all the time, but having a current look will say:”hey, I’m going with the times, I’m not stuck the 80’s”. This is really important when you want to make a good impression, like for example in an interview. If it doesn’t reflect your style you won’t feel comfortable wearing it. Rebel shoes don’t fit a Classic persona so they won’t get worn. Stay true to who you are  and what you want to show the world. Time to give them away.
  5. Do I feel confident in wearing this? What is the use of holding on to clothes that make you feel conscious, make you look bigger then you really are, or simply are not you? Clothes are there to express ourselves and if they fit in with our lifestyle, fit in all the right places and flatter us in general then they make us feel confident. Only those items that do all this, you should wear.
  6. If it is damaged, will I make the effort to repair this? You should if you really like it. Find a good tailor near you and work with them to get things fixed or altered. Once you do this, you can wear it again with pride.
  7. Is it likely I will wear this again? Ask yourself this question and be honest. There is no point in it taking space in your wardrobe when it can be replaced with something that you will wear over and over again. Maybe your taste has changed, you don’t like the colour anymore but whatever the reason, if the answer is no to this question it should leave your wardrobe.

So when I say chuck it, I mean this: donate it to the Salvo’s, the Smiths, the Vinnies, a dear friend or your daughter, or sell it on Gumtree or Ebay. Hold a clothes swap party with friends to fundraise for your favourite charity. There are stores like H&M that take in your clothes and give your coupon to spend in store. Only when it is no use to anyone anymore, it can go in the bin.

Good luck with cleansing and creating the wardrobe that you love.

Keep stylish, Mieke xx

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Are you looking after your clothes?

Hanging clothes image

Hi there all you stylish people!

Today’s blog is about looking after your wardrobe and after your precious clothes. It’s very important to do this, your clothes will love you for it. They will last longer in good condition and who doesn’t want that? The more wear you get out an item the less you have to buy to replace it. It’s not so hard, here are a few things to look at when doing so.

When you are looking at your wardrobe, how does it look?
Are your clothes scattered around and are a few items hanging together on 1 hanger? Are you using the right hanger for the garment?

These are common issues I see in many wardrobes I attend to.
It is so important to keep things organised in your wardrobe and give those special garments the care they need to make them last longer.
For example, a special occasion dress is best kept in a garment bag or suit bag. You are able to buy them from Howard Storage shop and K-mart, they have several types. Nothing is worse then when you want to put on your piece and find that is ruined by trying to get in and out of your wardrobe and accidentally pull it with another hanger, a belt or a sharp embellishment from another item.

The type of hanger is very important too. I’d say, ditch the wire hanger. It’s no use and bad for your beautiful clothing. It loses its shape on this hanger and the wire can damage your (other) clothes. The wooden hangers are more expensive but are so much better. For blazer jackets you can use the padded hanger to hold its shape.
AND..make sure the hanger is the right size, you don’t want to create wings in your sleeves!! Believe me, I’ve seen it all before.
For pants and skirts the clip-hanger is the best, because you don’t have to fold them and then create creases.

Keep your woollies and knitwear folded, they will go out of shape when you hang them, especially if it is a heavy knit. It can add another size in length if you do this and it won’t look as good anymore when you wear it. The shoulder can look odd too if you leave it too long on the hanger so be mindful of that.

Look at the washing instructions how to wash, cold wash is the best and the dryer can destroy a piece in 1 go. Be very careful with that.

I hope you feel a bit more inspired with those tips to look after your clothes and your wardrobe. They will look better when you put them on and therefore make you feel better!

Keep stylish, Mieke xx





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How to create a well functioning wardrobe

wardrobe pinterestWelcome to my first blog post!

I am so excited to be sharing my style tips, fashion news, wardrobe tips and much more with you.

My love for style is never ending, I’m always creating new outfits for myself and my clients. I am a firm believer that dressing and shopping should be fun and I am here to help you with all those issues that arise when getting ready in the morning to get dressed, or need help with special occasion dressing or basically, anything style.


Today’s blog  post is about wardrobes. For a wardrobe to function well you need to show it some love. Spend some time to get it right for you to get dressed from. Now this can seem a daunting task for some of you, but if you do it, you’ll find life a lot easier. To help you a little bit with this, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Does it need organising? Sometimes all it needs is decluttering and putting an organised system in place for you to find things easily. For example; have one section with all your pants or skirts, then one section with all your tops or dresses. When you start doing this you’ll probably find items in your wardrobe that you completely forgot about and you’ll want to wear it again. ( Or get rid off immediately! )

Is your current style working for you? Look at your clothes and see if they are making you feel good and are representing your ideal visual image. If they are not, it’s time to re-think your style personality and start building that wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous. This can be done in stages by every season buying some new items that fit in with your style preference.

Do I have enough clothes for different occasions? Work out if you have more clothes for going out than work or leisure ( weekend wear ). If it is out of balance, write down a list of what needs stocking up and really look at where the gaps are in your wardrobe. You will need to look at your lifestyle and decide what area needs  attention. For example, if your wardrobe is full of clothes for going out but you hardly ever have a function anymore, then it is not providing you with the clothes you need.

Now there’s something to think about. I hope these questions help you with building a wardrobe that you truly love. For some inspiration follow my Pinterest board with the most beautiful wardrobes you have ever seen and get inspired to make yours look like that too! Here is the link to Pinterest.

Good luck with it and you’re most welcome to ask me any questions you have in regarding to your wardrobe!

Keep stylish, Mieke xx




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