7 tips to make buying a new suit easier

A good, wel fitted suit has the ability to make any woman look polished and professional. It can give you a lot of respect when you wear one at work or have meetings with clients. Not to mention a power suit. It says you mean business.

The saying goes: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and this is particularly true for work wear. Nothing looks more put together then some smart pieces that fit you like a glove and when you know what you are doing with your outfits it can give you that promotion you really want. Or going for an interview and get that position that you’re after.

With the sales around the corner I know, from working in retail, that women buy work wear when it is on sale. And why wouldn’t you because it does save you a lot of money. Suits can be pricy and you need other things to go with it so it all adds up. But make sure it it the right one for you before you do get carried away and only find out that they aren’t right.
Here are some tips for making a purchase for a suit easier:

  1. Spend as much as you can afford on a suit. The better the quality, the better it will look in 12 months time. There are lots of brands with good quality suits varying in price like Basque (at Myer), Cue, Veronica Maine, David Lawrence, Sportscraft, Count Road and Trenery.
  2. Buy the whole set, meaning jacket with dress,skirt and pants. This will give you more to play with and you can create different looks so you won’t get bored with wearing the same outfit all the time.
  3. Single breasted jackets are more slimming than double breasted ones as are medium to darker colours.
  4. Buy a suit in a trans-seasonal fabric like cool wool or wool crepe so you can wear it all year long.
  5. Neutral colours like black, navy, grey or camel are a good base colour to mix and match with tops that go underneath your suit.
  6. Make sure it fits you well. This means the right sleeve length, the right hem length for skirts and pants. It should also fit properly on the shoulders and give you a nice shape around the waist for a feminine appearance.
  7. Vertical stripes and pinstripes will make you look taller and slimmer. The finer the stripe and the closer they are together the more business like the suit will appear.

Before you buy a suit, be clear about what you need your suit to do for you. Ask yourself some questions like: What image are you trying to project? Why do you need it? Where will you wear it? Who do you want to impress?
Avoid boxy jackets, they might  be in fashion but they rarely flatter anyone, they look heavy. Fussy details like wide lapels, peplum or embroidery will age or date a suit much faster.
If you want to make statements and personalise your outfit, do it with what you wear with it as in your tops or accessories like jewellery or hand bags and shoes.

Always remember that it has to make you feel great when you wear it, fits you in all the right places and does the job for you, whether that is meeting with clients, at interviews, business lunches or presentations.
Hope you enjoyed reading this and that it helps you to make the purchase of a suit easier for you.

Keep Stylish, Mieke xx

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