How to make an impact this Spring Racing season

The Spring Racing season is in full swing and I’m not sure about you but I love this time of year. My favourite thing to do is watching the Fashion on the Field, whether I’m there on the track or at home watching TV. The ladies look absolutely stunning and I get so much inspiration from it. Some of them go trough great lengths with making their outfit themselves or creating one with different designer pieces and put them all together in a way that is really beautiful.

Every year I look for what the new trends are to help my clients be on point and look for which trends suit who. Because not always does every trend suit all of my clients so it’s a matter of picking the ones that are right for you. You can personalise your outfit for the day with accessories to make it your own unique look. That’s what so important, to own that look and feel confident on the day so you can enjoy and have a good time.

So what are the new trends this year? How to incorporate that into your look and make sure it’s for you?
Here are some great trends for this season  with tips to make sure you are picking the right one that works and you are comfortable wearing.

This trend is easy to wear and if you like a soft feminine look then this is for you. It looks great teamed up with black for some depth or with white or nude to stay soft. Make sure that you pick the right shade of blush for your skin tone, you don’t want to look washed out,  that would ruin the whole look. It should compliment your skin tone or else stay away from it.

If you want to have a powerful presence go for red. This is the season for red! Cool or warm, make sure its vibrant and suits you. You won’t need much else because red is speaking for itself so don’t go overboard with accessories or you’ll look too intimidating. You still want something striking to not bring the outfit down but choose wisely. Keep it feminine and team it up with nude, white or black. Jumpsuits are on trend so if you feel more comfortable with wearing one of these, you’re lucky, they’re everywhere.

Who would have thought bold turbans would be in fashion this season but they are so. Jewelled crowns are definitely the go, the bigger the better and wide brimmed hats and boaters will do good too if you want to be on trend. It’s all about big and bold with the accessories, even with shoes and earrings. More is more is the approach.
Jewelled crown and gold clutches from Mimco, navy blue turban from Louise McDonald Milliner and clutches from Olga Berg and St.Xavier at Myer, black boater from Debenhams and so is the black clutch, the monochrome is from Olga Berg at Myer.

The ankles are accessorised this Spring racing season, together with detailed block heels. It is perfectly fine to wear block heels, they are very much in season and so much more comfortable to walk on. Just remember, if you’re not good on high heels, don’t wear them. Not being able to walk in them will ruin your look. Don’t take your shoes off at the end of the day and walk bear feet, you’re not in nature and it looks tacky. Just take some flats with you if you can and wear these or bring some  inner soles.

Have fun on the day, take sunscreen if it’s hot but even if it’s not. Last year I got badly burnt and it was something I could have prevented. I have learnt from that! Hydrate and eat well, especially if it’s a warm day and your having a glass of bubbles ( or two ).
Make sure your hair and make up compliment your outfit, very important.

If you would like to know more about the Spring Racing trends, send me an email at and I’m more than happy to help you out with your outfit choices for the races.

Keep stylish, Mieke xx


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Florals – How to choose one for you

This blogpost is about floral dresses. Or prints. Or pants. Spring has started and there are always florals readily available in the stores.
There are so many to choose from and are a lovely feminine way to wear colour and print.
But they are not for everyone. Some women don’t wear them and that is because it doesn’t suit their personality. It is a really feminine aspect and some women like to express that differently. You don’t have to wear florals to feel feminine of course but for those who choose so it does.

Florals give you that bright, happy feeling and bring colour and pattern to your outfit. It can alter your mood when you wear the right colour and pattern. Choose wisely and make sure it feels right for you. The key here is to look at the size of the print, this comes all down to personal scale. When you have a petite frame, choose a smaller print. This works better because a large floral print may totally overwhelm you and you look out of proportion. People see the print before you.
When you are medium framed choose a print that suits you and is medium in size, you’ll see it when you try it on and it makes sense.
And of course when you have a larger frame you opt for a larger print. A small floral print won’t look as good on you so keep that in mind.
Below here are some examples of different size florals:

Another great way of picking your florals is to look for the type of florals working with your style personality. Do you like a dramatic floral with a very strong colour contrast? Or a soft pastel feminine? Maybe a very classy elegant chic? There are some florals that can make you look older and some that look too young.  For me it has to be modern and I like a bit of contrast in the colours too. I make sure my outfit doesn’t look overly feminine by combining it with some more edgy pieces to counteract that. It’s all about personal style. Do what feels right for you and you’ll love wearing them.

If a floral dress is too much for you but do like the idea of using a floral print in your outfit, then there are many other ways to incorporate it in your look. Think floral jackets, shoes, scarves and even jewellery. You can choose 1 piece with a floral print or 1 accessory and work with that. Make sure your florals are seasonal to give your look an updated feel.
Here are some gorgeous items from this Spring seasons, available now in the stores.

1.H&M skirt 24.95 / 2. Ted baker flats 199.- / 3. H&M earrings 12.95 / 4. Target scarf 28,- / 5. Saba pants 229,- / 6. Mimco earrings 129,- / 7. Ted Baker jacket 399,- / 8. Alannah Hill hair piece 49,- / 9. Macs skirt 160,- / 10. Ted Baker bag 249,- / 11. Ted Baker slip on sneakers 249,-

I hope you liked this post and are now inspired to wear some floral in your outfit. Try it on in the stores and see how it feels for you. If you don’t want to go near them, all good too, I’m sure you find other ways to give your outfit a feminine feel.

Keep stylish, Mieke xx

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