How to look taller and slimmer

My new blog is about to teach you how you can look taller and slimmer with your outfits. See, with my average height (164cm) I will always look if my outfit is not making me look shorter or wider and there are lots of ways to do this. Making the right outfit choices...

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7 Questions to ask when cleansing your wardrobe

Does cleansing your wardrobe stress you out? Want to run away and never come back? I know, it can be daunting task for some. But it does need your attention once in a while just like your kitchen pantry, your home office or shed. I know what I rather do. My wardrobe....

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Why dressing well helps you in life

Dressing well is more important then most people think. Think about it. When you interact with people, whether at work or socially or even privately, people who are well dressed get your attention more. They do make a better impression and it always works...

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7 tips to make buying a new suit easier

A good, wel fitted suit has the ability to make any woman look polished and professional. It can give you a lot of respect when you wear one at work or have meetings with clients. Not to mention a power suit. It says you mean business. The saying goes: "Dress for the...

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Why working with a Personal Stylist is for everyone

There are so many myths about working with a Personal Stylist. I would like to point out some common beliefs women have around what a stylist does and who it is for. Hopefully it will clear some of the misconceptions that seem to exist and make it easier...

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How to use accessories with your outfit

Do you find it hard to use accessories? Don't know which ones to use and leave them out altogether?  These are common issues I see as a Personal Stylist when I help my clients with their personal styling. Accessories can make or break an outfit. By using accessories...

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How to make an impact this Spring Racing season

The Spring Racing season is in full swing and I'm not sure about you but I love this time of year. My favourite thing to do is watching the Fashion on the Field, whether I'm there on the track or at home watching TV. The ladies look absolutely stunning and I get so...

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Florals – How to choose one for you

This blogpost is about floral dresses. Or prints. Or pants. Spring has started and there are always florals readily available in the stores. There are so many to choose from and are a lovely feminine way to wear colour and print. But they are not for everyone. Some...

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Are you looking after your clothes?

Hi there all you stylish people! Today's blog is about looking after your wardrobe and after your precious clothes. It's very important to do this, your clothes will love you for it. They will last longer in good condition and who doesn't want that? The more wear you...

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Personal Style

Personal Style Today's blog is about Personal Style. I get a lot of questions about Personal Style, here 's what it is and why it is so important to each and everyone of you. What is Personal Style? Personal Style comes from within, it is what makes you,YOU. It is...

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Hi and welcome to my blog!
My name is Mieke and I’m a Personal Stylist and Image Specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m so excited to share with you my passion for Personal Style! I have started my own Personal Styling business Smart Styling to help women with all their styling needs, whether that is everyday style, work style or event styling. I believe that building a wardrobe that works for you will boost your confidence with the way you look and present yourself to the world around you. So basically, anywhere I could help to get you stylish is my happy place!

Enjoy reading my blog, Mieke xx