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Hi there all you stylish people!

Today’s blog is about looking after your wardrobe and after your precious clothes. It’s very important to do this, your clothes will love you for it. They will last longer in good condition and who doesn’t want that? The more wear you get out an item the less you have to buy to replace it. It’s not so hard, here are a few things to look at when doing so.

When you are looking at your wardrobe, how does it look?
Are your clothes scattered around and are a few items hanging together on 1 hanger? Are you using the right hanger for the garment?

These are common issues I see in many wardrobes I attend to.
It is so important to keep things organised in your wardrobe and give those special garments the care they need to make them last longer.
For example, a special occasion dress is best kept in a garment bag or suit bag. You are able to buy them from Howard Storage shop and K-mart, they have several types. Nothing is worse then when you want to put on your piece and find that is ruined by trying to get in and out of your wardrobe and accidentally pull it with another hanger, a belt or a sharp embellishment from another item.

The type of hanger is very important too. I’d say, ditch the wire hanger. It’s no use and bad for your beautiful clothing. It loses its shape on this hanger and the wire can damage your (other) clothes. The wooden hangers are more expensive but are so much better. For blazer jackets you can use the padded hanger to hold its shape.
AND..make sure the hanger is the right size, you don’t want to create wings in your sleeves!! Believe me, I’ve seen it all before.
For pants and skirts the clip-hanger is the best, because you don’t have to fold them and then create creases.

Keep your woollies and knitwear folded, they will go out of shape when you hang them, especially if it is a heavy knit. It can add another size in length if you do this and it won’t look as good anymore when you wear it. The shoulder can look odd too if you leave it too long on the hanger so be mindful of that.

Look at the washing instructions how to wash, cold wash is the best and the dryer can destroy a piece in 1 go. Be very careful with that.

I hope you feel a bit more inspired with those tips to look after your clothes and your wardrobe. They will look better when you put them on and therefore make you feel better!

Keep stylish, Mieke xx





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