My name is Mieke and I’m a Personal stylist and Image specialist, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether you want to turn heads at an upcoming event or update your style for the season, I am the connection between you, your wardrobe and reaching your full style potential.  I offer a one-on-one personal styling and shopping service for real women to ensure their outfits work with their personality, body shape, that they’re practical, on-trend and tailored to their lifestyle needs.

I work with real women from diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and with varying practical style needs that I listen to and incorporate into my styling solutions.  I believe that every-woman regardless of size, shape or budget, can wear clothes that flatter them, flourish their self-confidence and make them feel fantastic, for whatever their day demands.

My fashion knowledge has evolved through years of retail experience, working with some of Europe’s top fashion labels in my native home, Holland.  After being asked constantly by women in my social circles to help them find something to wear, I was inspired to develop this natural styling know-how into something more.  Upon moving to Australia, I trained with the renowned Wendy Mak, at the Smitten with Style Academy to gain formal qualification in personal styling.

With a commitment to furthering my styling education and ensuring my knowledge remains current, I have also trained with the Academy of Professional Image, successfully completing their “Certified Personal Stylist and Image Mastery for Men and Women” course. Each of these qualifications has enhanced my styling knowledge and proved highly valuable in my on-one-one styling consultations.

As an in-house stylist and personal shopper for Australia’s leading department store, I have consulted to many regular clients and styled hundreds of women to help them achieve their style potential.  I now do this through my business, Smart Styling and I’ve never looked back. I feel incredibly fortunate that my passion is also my day job and that I get to make women feel fabulous!

Diane Von Furstenberg swore that “style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”.  As women, our careers, our lives and our bodies experience transition, growth and change.  Quite often our sense of style gets left behind and this has the ability to impact our confidence and conviction of owning what we have.  Style is an individual journey, not a destination.


“I strive to empower women to celebrate what
they have and to feel great about it.”


I help women understand how to dress confidently with colour, taking skin tone, hair and eye colour into consideration.  Your confidence will thrive as I show you how to dress to your unique body shape, selecting pieces that highlight your assets and flatter everything else.  I have an appreciation for tasteful style that speaks class and sophistication. I consciously maintain my creative edge on seasonal styles and design trends and know which of these will work for you.

My aim is to help you find your sense of style and never lose it!

Mieke Krijgsman

A good personal stylist will help you:

Dress to personality:

Consider your unique personality and how you want to be perceived. With the right pieces, your attributes will shine through to reveal the true you.

Dress to body shape:

Gain understanding in which fabrics, patterns, designs & styles work with your unique body shape.  I will collaborate with you to find pieces you love to wear and pieces that accentuate your assets and down play those little liabilities, we all live with.

Wear colour with confidence:

Together we will look at your skin tone, eye and hair colour. If you have an open mind, you’ll discover the colours that work for you and how to co-ordinate them confidently and creatively.

Understand how life and style work together:

Whether it’s a boardroom presentation, date night or school drop before the coffee shop, I’ll make sure you have the right pieces to play with, you will be style savvy to know what works best for when. You will be equipped to know which current trends work for you and the ones to steer away from. You will walk out the door with confidence in what you have and assurance that it works.


Discover your sense of style! Start looking your best with the confidence to flaunt it.

Without obligation, let’s chat about how we may be able to work together to boost your
confidence and discover your unique sense of style.